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Social activities of st. Joseph’s Church, Panbazar, Guwahati : 2009-2010

As a spiritual centre, St, Joseph’s Church with its present members of over 500 families is well organized with all its member (parishioners) families been duly registered. To facilities activities and community programmers of animated by the entrusted religious houses/groups and even by lay leaderships.

The following social activities has been taken up during the year 2009-2010

Medical aid/Assistance
Students Study Assistance
Youth Development Programmes
Women Development Programmes
Spiritual Uplifement programmes
Centenary Celebration
  • Medical aid- in 2009-2010 as many as 40 of parishinoners were given medical assistance belonging to economically challenged section of our community , Out of 40-31 persons were given financial assistance for purchasing of medicines and treatment , and 4 persons were given complete assistance for their surgerical treatments, These were- throat surgery, Intestinal surgery, Hand (Orthopedic) Surgery, Leg Amputation Surgery thereafter, Provided the patient with new artificial limb, 5 persons were given assistance for eye-opration (cataract and lens). The founds for these assistances were raised from the generous contributions of our members and from the various social work units of the various social work units of the church.

  • Students Study Assistance- An incentive to the meritorious students a nominal amount is given to students as scholarship to those students who had done well in their High school Leaving and Higher secondary examinations during the felicitation programmers School students form the economically poor section of our community studyintg in the mission schools are recommended by the Parish Prisest for the fee –concession . At times financial assistances for buying books and others study materials are given to these tudents form the office of the parish Priest.

  • Youth Development Programme - Youth are the pillars of the future church and hence it become an important task to groom them and prepare them to take responsibilities to become agent of social change and development of our community/society.

    a. Time-to-time career guidance and counseling  programmes are organized. This year on 20th june 2010, Career guidance programme wasw held at the st. Joseph's church premises, This programme was well attended and appreciated by the students.

    b. Every month especially on Sundays a day-long programme on personality development and Leadership Training Progrtammes are held for our young adults.

    c. on 29th of august 2010, an exposure programmes for the college students was organized.

    d. Orientation Programmes for the youth are organized to kame them involve in the community activities and programmkes and to enable them to participate, take lead and contribute in making the events and celebration of the community.meaningful and successful.

  • Women Development Programmes –For Equal representation in the process of decision making and active participation in various church activities the women of our church are well-organised, and from time to time programmer like Capacity Building, skill development and leadership Training are held for our women members, Over the years now it has been noticed that these progrmmes have helped them in their active involvement in church programmes and also in their home front enabling them to make decide wisely in making their home and family members to choose a progressive and happy life.

  • Spiritual Uplifement Programmes- sprititual Uplifement Programmers has always been fo great importance for the members of church, like every year, this year too prayer meeting and retreats were held during this summer Vacation and Puja vacation, these Programmes are divided into 3 segments

    a. Children Faith Formation Progremme

    b. Youth Retreat

    c. Adult/married couples retreat

    These progremmes are Live –in- Programmes for children for 5 days and for youth and Adults/Married couples it’s a 3 days –long programme. To organize such large scale programme with meals incure of lot expenses, despite such hardships the church makes it a point to have this programme every year for the benefit of its members, to help them cope with the resent day trend of fast changing life-style and consurerist outlook and to make them remain deeply rooted in their christain taith and values.

  • Centenary Celebrations of St. Joseph’s Church- On the 28th February 2010, the Centenary Celebration of the foundation of the St. Joseph’s church was celebrated with nearly 20,000 faithful from the city took part in the solemn Eucharistic celebration celebrated by 163 Bishops of India with Cardinals and Priest from the country in this solemn occasion. In the cultural Programme in the evening the event was grace by the Hon’ble chief Minister of assam, shri Tarun Gogoi, this colorful vibrant cultural programme marked the strength of our community which is a beautiful blend of rich culture and religion of love and peace..
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